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Written by Code507 Category: About Us
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WHY JOIN? We offer a solution to what nobody else does! Idolstarter.com works to help bands actually sell, grow and reach their dreams! Marketing, advertising and branding are essential to any successful musician! It doesn't matter if you're an artist, band, songwriter you name it!  Serious networking and reach the masses is the final frontier to reaching your dreams! Pro marketers know how to test run offers and test the market to find a winning ad. With Idolstarter you can test several different ads with different coupon codes to see what helps sell your items!
If your product ad offers a substantial return you invest more if not you adjust your offer until it does! This is vital to any band but before you can get to this point a ton of choices must be executed along with a slew of basics before any serious grass roots movement can occur! We work with you one on one to help you improve and reach the next level by focusing on the basics! We feature you on our front page! We do podcasting,phone interviews, and we will come see a show if applicable! We are offering a community with one on one consulting and assessment to fast track your band to their musical dream! The site, our time, Helping each band and brand takes money and time! We are here for the long haul and we will invest in your brand!!! We even help to market your band in our out bound marketing efforts NO SITE OUT THERE DOES THAT! If You're just another band out of millions on some giant corp site you will never be noticed! You will shell out time, money and who knows what to find out the same old same old nothings selling song and dance. To combat this we offer the most comprehensive package available to any musician big or small! The most value oriented package in the business. You must excite your fan base, engage them, own it and we will show you how! We even offer up a Guarantee that if You don't make your money back we will extend Your membership! Branding can take time! We are looking for those that want to be The best! Those who have a hunger,won't quit, and just don't quite know how to get there! Let's partner up! Click here and lets both make it happen now!
Your band will be able to sell all of their items for the smallest fees ever! Try us! Register now and try out all of our benefits! Promote your page today with a custom URL and never worry about web maintenance again! 


Subscription Plans

  • We promote and work with you one on one to help better your band!
  • Lifetime access!
  • Custom URL!
  • Only $29.99 for LIFETIME access
  • Your own blog! Let your fans know when and where you will be playing!
  • One page, with everything your band needs to be successful!
  • Fully Featured on our front page
  • Share your music and videos.
  • Share YOUR CONCERTS with our exclusive search platform that anybody can access through any mobile device to find your band!
  • Sell any item for the lowest commission in the industry today!
  • Click here to see a sample profile!
Duration: Lifetime
Price: $29.99